4x Mud Flaps customized for Sports


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    About this product

    • INOX Style as a Lifestyle: Be prepared to join the revolution. You will not receive just a product but you´ll start enjoying your car in a different way: INOX Style´s way, the other way. This New Lifestyle concept is full of joy, new sensations, adventures, adrenaline and why not some rebellion.
    • Are you ready for the revolution? We are manufacturers that designs and produces all kinds of car accessories. We provide a large number of car accessories every year. If this product is not suitable for your car, you can find other models in our shop.
    • Do you like to come and go in the car? These Mud Flaps are designed to last FOREVER. It supports any climatic situation like those wet, dirty and snowy routes. Help your vehicle not to get dirty with a simple structure and easy installation.

    Key Features

    • Protection
      Keeps your car protected

    • Easy Installation:
      Installation kit INCLUDED!

    • High-Quality Material:
      Made of Premium Rigid Plastic

    What We Offer With This Product

    • Protection: Our Mud Flaps work to block mud, road debris
      and small stones from getting kicked to the undercarriage so to avoid
      scratches, nicks, dents and further damages, and other vehicles from
      behind, also help deflect loose gravel and excessive rainwater.
    • One in a million: Show yourself different from others with
      these Mud Flaps! Each outstanding Design is thought and designed
      especially for Car fans like you.
    • Easy Installation and Cleaning: Just drill holes with the
      self-drilling screws from the installation kit! CHILL OUT! Enjoy the fun
      of decorating your beloved car with the installation guide.
    • High-Quality Material: Made of Rigid Plastic injected
      with engraved laser inscription. It has a certain degree of flexibility
      which makes this product HIGHLY RESISTANT.
    • Packages includes: 2 Front and 2 Back Mud Flaps (9.45 x
      15.75 inches) + Installation kit. This product is designed to fit
      perfectly with all cars, but we still recommend measuring your vehicle!
    • After-Sales INOX Style Service: If there is any quality
      problem, contact us directly, we can provide return, exchange and refund
      service. We guarantee THE BEST customer experience!

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